A new era is born for Erotic Electro Stimulation!

P.E.S. writes another page in the history of human sexuality with Electro-Flex™, a patented, space-age material that combines the strength and flexibility of silicone with excellent conductivity, creating a completely new kind of Erotic Electro Stimulation. It's like nothing you have seen or felt before.

Electro-Flex™ is pliable, so it can conform to a myriad of shapes, unlike its older acrylic counterparts which are rigid, breakable, non-conforming, and uncomfortable when worn over long periods of time.

Electro-Flex™ wraps around the body like a second skin. Because of this, it is extremely comfortable, and all Electro-Flex™ products utilize our low profile connections for a hassle-free connection that can even be worn under clothing! Electro-Flex™ currently comes in a number of different product types: Penile Rings, Anal Plugs, Anal Tubular, Testicle Tubular, Tubular Rings, Rectal Pacifier, the Corona & Deep Throat Products, and our ever popular Sparklers.

The future is here, and it is flexible...


P.E.S. Holds the Following Electro Flex™ Patents: