PES Patent 5,871,533

Apparatus for stimulating living tissue


Electrodes for stimulating living tissue such as penile, scrotal, anal, vaginal and clitoral tissue are shown. The electrodes are formed from elastomeric material. Electrical stimulation to such areas is intended to control incontinence, to induce penile erection, or to induce excitation and orgasm. A plug electrode formed from elastomeric material, has a nonconductive base plate and base, and a conductive portion comprising a stem extending from the base and the ellipsoid ball extending from the stem. A snap contact on the base plate allows the electrode to be connected to an electrical source, and a wire within the base terminating in the stem carries the electricity, when applied, from the contact to stem and to the ellipsoid ball. A memory wire is also shown allowing the ellipsoid ball to be bent along its length or allowing the stem to be bent against the base, thereby angling the posture of the ball relative the base.