PES Patent 5,571,118

Apparatus for stimulating penile, scrotal, anal, vaginal and clitoral tissue


Male and female electrodes for stimulating penile, scrotal, anal vaginal and clitoral tissue is shown. The electrodes are formed from elastomeric material. Electrical stimulation to such areas is intended to control incontinence, to induce penile erection where impotence occurs, or to induce excitation and orgasm. A male penile ring electrode formed from elastomeric material and intended for use in pairs, has an outer non-conductive surface, and an inner conductive portion comprising the inner surface, and the sides of the ring, and all the material between the inner surface, the sides of the ring, and the outer non-conductive surface. A contact for connecting the electrode to a source of electricity is mounted on the outer surface and connects to the inner portion. A like connector that can be used alone has two non-conductive portions separating two conductive ring sections that outer non-conductive surfaces. Female electrodes like a ball having a non-conductive ring about its center line, and two conductive portions about said ring, and a plug having a conductive tip and sides with non-conductive material there between are also disclosed. Additionally anal and male urethral electrodes formed from the same material as disclosed herein are taught.