PES Patent 6,785,577B2

Electrode apparatus for stimulating penile, urethral, and anal tissue


An electrode apparatus (20) includes an electrode (22), an electrical contact (24), and a non-conductive sheath (26) surrounding a portion (44) of the electrical contact (24). The electrode (22) includes an interior passage (36) configured for the placement of electrolytic gel (88). Openings (38) are disposed along a length (28) of the electrode (22) and extend from the interior passage (36) to an exterior surface (34). The openings (38) facilitate the leakage of the electrolytic gel (88) from the interior passage (36) to the exterior surface (34) of the electrode (22) when the electrode apparatus (20) is in use. A rigid conducting dowel (62) and a conductive tubular member (60) are located in the non-conductive sheath (26). The portion (44) of the electrical contact (24) fits in an inner passage (68) of the member (60). Thus, the dowel (62) and the member (60) ensure electrical continuity between the electrical contact (24) and the electrode (22).