Electro Sex for Beginners

We used to see newbies to estim every day here at our former physical storefront, The Studio. We still talk to them on the phone and by email. There are a lot of misconceptions about electrical stimulation. The biggest misconception is that it is anything like being electrocuted.

Erotic Electro Stimulation, as we tend to call it, or Electro Sex, as it is more popularly known, isn't electrocution. Yes, electricity is being applied to the nerve & muscle tissue. No, it isn't a painful shock.

I tend to tell people unfamiliar with any forms of low frequency electrical stimulation that estim or Electro Sex is more like a tingle than a shock. There is this almost buzzing sensation being delivered to your nerve endings. It shouldn't be painful in the sense of sticking your finger in a light socket, running into an electric fence, or even static shock from rubbing your feet across the carpet in socks to sneak up behind your friends and startle them. It delivers a much more pleasurable sensation.

There is an initial tingling feeling or buzzing feeling where the electrode (that is what delivers the sensation to the body) is placed. With an internal electrode, such as one of the one of the Anal Plugs, there is at first a clenching of the muscles around the electrode that strengthens as the intensity of the Power Box is turned up. Then by adjusting the pulse & frequency dials, you start to create a push/pull sensation as the muscles tighten and relax around the electrode rhythmically. With an external electrode, such as the Self-Adhesive Pads, the muscles clench and release in much the same way but there is an almost petting or stroking sensation induced by the electricity.

Obviously, different electrodes induce different sensations as well as variations due to placement. But the main thing to keep in mind is that while Electro Sex can be used to 'torture' your lover or yourself, it is 'torture' with pleasure, such as orgasm denial or edging or perhaps driving them to orgasm without their control over it. It isn't about 'shocking' them, it is about driving them mad with intense pleasurable sensations.

So while Electro Sex may sound 'shocking', if you're actually getting 'shocked', you're doing something wrong.