Super Simple Basics of Erotic Electrostimulation

Basics of Erotic Electro Stimulation

EES Basics

  1. Generating Source
    *This is the Power Source, such as the P.E.S. Power Box or a TENS unit or other made-for-play box.
  2. Delivery Source
    *This is the Electrode or Electrodes being used to deliver the actual stimulation from the Generating Source.
  3. Focusing
    * a) Combines 1 & 2
    * b) Adjusting the Generating Source, such as intensity (power), frequency, & pulse to create the most effective stimulation for the individual.
    * c) Adjusting and lubricating the Delivery Source so it is functioning at its most effective.

This is a major simplification of the concept but these three basics working in harmony can lead to what has been termed a 'hands-free orgasm', where no physical contact is needed with the genitals in order to achieve climax.

Two major things to keep in mind are these:
  • Bigger is not better!
    *In that a larger conductive surface area will not always mean it is a more effective electrode. The best electrodes target specific erogenous zones and their smaller size makes them much more effective. Also, a larger electrode disperses the sensation more so when paired with a smaller contact area, it makes it seem as if you only feel the smaller electrode. This can be good if want that focus. For better balance, the electrodes need to have similar sized conductive surface area.
  • Less is More!
    *More contacts are not always the answer. Some of the most effective electrode configurations use only two or three contact areas. Too many electrodes can be too distracting for the nerve endings thus reducing the chances of successful climax.

Some other basic things to know:
  • Full Contact: An important part of successful Erotic Electro Stimulation is CONTACT. In regards to all electrodes, whenever a space is created between the electrode and the contact area (skin or muscle tissue), electricity will arc over that space. This creates a slight "zapping" sensation that can be uncomfortable, and very undesirable for some users.
  • Hot Spots: Occasionally, you will read cautions about how to prevent "Hot Spots". These unpleasant sensations are caused by too little lubrication, unshaved pubic hairs, contact with metal (such as jewelry), or by not achieving full contact between the electrode and the skin. "Hot Spots" may not occur under all of these conditions for everyone. If you experience a "Hot Spot", read your directions pertaining to the electrode in use, and the problem should easily be made clear, and solved with one or two simple corrections in use.
  • Single Pole vs. Double Pole Electrodes: In order to generate an electric current through any material, two poles (positive and negative) are required to be connected to complete a full circuit. A single pole Electrode only has one conductive surface on it. A double pole Electrode has two conductive pads encapsulated in one Electrode.