PES Patent 5,586,560

Collapsible seating apparatus


A seating apparatus having a base, front and rear upright support members, and two horizontal transverse support members. The transverse members comprise the seating means. Extending from the rear upright support members are two horizontal supports holding two rear upright support members. Leg support members are rotatably mounted to the transverse support members. Coupled by ratchet devices to the rear of the seating means is a seat back. The seat back is composed of two main seat back members separated by horizontal seat back members. The ratchet allows the seat back to be 90 degrees from the seating means or to rearwardly pivot to parallel with said seating means. Legs formed at the top back of the seat back support the seat back against the ground when the seat back is fully reclined. Arm support members are pivotally coupled to the sides of seat back. Also disclosed are two pneumatic devices. The first pneumatically advances a horizontal armature. The second pneumatically advances a vertical armature.