Important Safety Warnings---Please Read Carefully

The safety of our customers has always been the primary concern of Paradise Electro Stimulations, Inc. In that regard, here are the primary safety considerations for users of the P.E.S. Power Boxes and P.E.S. Electrodes.

IMPORTANT! -- NEVER use any electrodes above the waist. Our research has shown that electrodes applied to the nipple and breast areas can be dangerous. Whether isolated or non-isolated, ALL electrically stimulated breast electrodes can potentially cause fluctuations in heart rhythm. While many people may experience no difficulties, those with diagnosed or undiagnosed cardiac problems may experience mild to severe complications, including possible death.

Do not use these devices if any of the following applies: you have a pacemaker; you have a history of heart problems; you are prone to epileptic seizures; you have a penile prosthesis; fever is present; if you have any internal or external injuries; if you have any inflamed or swollen areas; if you have skin lacerations or open wounds; or you are pregnant. Do not apply to any body piercing. If you have any further medical concerns, please ask your physician. Do not use this device if your physician has advised against the use of low frequency electro stimulation.

Do not use the P.E.S. Power Boxes with anything except Genuine P.E.S. Acrylic or Electro-Flex™ electrodes. Do not use P.E.S. electrodes with any other power source, particularly do-it- yourself devices. Other power sources can damage your P.E.S. devices and will void your warranty. P.E.S. products are specifically designed and engineered to work exclusively with P.E.S. technology to optimize the Erotic Electro Stimulation Effect, safely and effectively.

ALWAYS turn the power box off before adjusting, removing, or re-inserting the electrodes. By touching an active electrode, an electrical charge can be sent through the hand and arm and across the heart, causing potential heart fluctuations.

Use latex gloves when adjusting, removing, or re-inserting the electrodes. Even with the power off, this is a sensible safety precaution. It is critically important for those that use manual stimulation in addition to erotic electro stimulation (EES).

Don't touch a person that is connected to a power box if you are also connected to the same power source. If you are not connected to the same power source, you can touch your partner, as long as you don't touch any connections or any of their active electrodes.

Never use an anal stimulator as a urethral stimulator. They can be cleaned and disinfected, but not entirely, and there is a possibility of infection. Both anal and urethral electrodes should be used by only one person, and never shared, to help eliminate the possibility of infection.

Please also read the section on Lubrication.