Introducing Women to Electro Sex

While it can seem as if electro stimulation is a male dominated form of sexual stimulation, it can be just as enjoyable for women. Personally, I think it is even easier for women to try electro sex than it is for men. The problem tends to be in how men approach getting their significant other to try these unique sex toys.

The most important thing is communication. If you don't talk to your partner about what arouses them, what turns them off, or even what sex toys they have used before; well, you will probably have some issues introducing something like Electro Sex in the bedroom. There are things you need to know about your partner before springing something like The Samurai on them as gift.
  • What sort of sexual experience does she have? Is some someone who is very comfortable with her sexuality & enjoys the addition of sex toys to the bedroom? Or is she someone who hasn't even masturbated in her life? Or perhaps she enjoys sex but has never used a sex toy before?
  • Erotic Electro Stimulation is fun. It can lead to great enjoyment but if she hasn't ever used a sex toy before, it isn't necessarily the place to start. Especially if she isn't completely comfortable with the concept of sex toys in the bedroom.
  • Another thing to keep in mind are any health issues your partner may have. There are physical issues that can preclude the addition of Electro Sex to your bedroom fun. Please read the information on the Terms & Conditions page for a list of when not to use these products.
  • Has she ever had an extremely negative experience with electricity? A lot of times if someone has suffered any sort of severe shock, they may not be able to wrap their minds around the concept of electrical impulses being used for sexual pleasure. The brain is your biggest erogenous zone and can create some of the biggest road blocks to our sexual enjoyment of an activity.

Erotic Electro Stimulation Girls DVD

Now, keeping the above in mind, some ways to introduce the topic of Estim to your boudoir play are as follows:
  • Check out one of our movies showcasing P.E.S. Products. We have two that work really well for this purpose: 'Electro Sex' (older video but still a good start point) or 'Erotic Electro Stimulation Girls, Vol 1' (this is a newer video & showcases women using product alone).
  • You can download these videos for viewing as Video On Demand shop on
  • Perhaps you've already bought some of the Estim toys for yourself. Show her your toys, explain how they work, use them for her, or perhaps let her run the controls for you.
  • Probably the most straightforward introduction would be showing her the website or perhaps the trifold brochure we print as an Electro Sex intro.
  • If you are members of the local kink community or even swingers groups, sometimes there are classes or demos of electrical stimulation. Keep an eye on what type of electroplay. are a completely different type of electrical stimulation.

Make sure she is part of the process when it comes to choosing whether or not to try the Electrodes for women. Her input matters.

Now, if she has expressed a curiosity to explore this type of sexual stimulation, comes the fun part! Choosing what toys to buy!!

When I took home my first set of Estim toys, I had the bonus of working here. That doesn't mean I wasn't nervous. It took me about three months to be willing to even try it. I was sent home with the P.E.S. Power Box (Of course, since the entire exercise would have been pointless otherwise.), the Vaginal Plug, an Acylic Anal Plug (I enjoy anal play so this was something I was fine with. It isn't everyone's cup of tea.), and The Little Big Man. The Electrodes listed are all fairly easy to use and great for someone's first time Electro Sex experience. I was advised to start with the Vaginal Plug.

Acrylic Vaginal Plug in use

Why the Vaginal Plug to start?

The Vaginal Plug is what we call a 'penetrative' Electrode. It is phallic shaped, the conductive surface on it runs from base to tip, and when in use, feels like a penis or dildo moving in and out of the vagina. Most women have experience with penetration and so it makes the experience of feeling electricity to your privates a little less alien.

I know a lot of people are concerned about internal stimulation vs clitoral stimulation. One of the unique features of internal vaginal Electrodes is that because you are using low frequency electrical impulses, it reaches below the surface of the vaginal walls and stimulates the nerve & muscle tissue in a way traditional penis-in-vagina sex, vibrators, or dildos can never replicate. It creates a push-pull kind of sensation that not only simulates the in-and-out sensation of these methods, but there is stimulation to the clitoral nerve bundle from the inside as well as through the perineum and anus. Basically, it makes the entire genital region tingle! And because of the design of the Vaginal Plug, that big round opening in the base of the plug leaves the clitoris exposed for all sorts of manual, oral, or vibratory fun!

(And now we have replaced the original Acrylic one in our conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™. The bonus to the Electro-Flex™ Vaginal Plug is its one piece molded construction and slightly more forgiving material.)

So not only does it make the muscles clench and release in a way that I would describe as 'ghost-fucking' but because it ties in place, it leaves the hands free to do other things, like touch yourself or your partner, or to simply lie back and play with the settings on the Power Box to find what works.

Electro-Flex™ Vaginal Plug in use!

I was very nervous in my initial uses of the plug, but once I got the hang of it, I tried it out while playing with a 'friend' and with his touch on my clitoris plus the in-and-out feeling from the plug, I had the most amazing & intense orgasm. It felt like it would go on forever! I was hooked at that point.

I know a lot of people talk about 'hands-free orgasm' but to be honest, I don't worry about that. After all, an intense orgasm is an intense orgasm. And when you're just starting out, there is no need to put a lot of pressure on yourself or your partner to try and force something to happen that can take some practice and mental conditioning.

I jokingly call the Vaginal Plug the 'Idiot-Proof' Electrode. You connect the leads, insert the plug, tie the straps to hold it in place, plug the leads into the Box, and let the fun begin!! It can be a great way to warm up for sex, satisfy a lover who's sex drive might be higher than your own, or perhaps a way to entertain yourself when your partner isn't available. And you can add clitoral stimulation to the mix for those who want it!

An added bit of advice is to let her run the controls for herself at first. That way she can control what she is feeling and then she can teach you what she likes and doesn't like.

The one thing that can ruin an initial experience with the Vaginal Plug is if you don't have it anchored in place with its included straps or at least held in place. This is not a dildo or vibrator. You DO NOT push it in and out. That will lead to a punch in the jaw. But more on that later.