Glossary of Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) Terms

Definitions of basic phrases and terms related to Electro Stimulation.
    This is the power source for the erotic electro stimulation also known as a power box, ie. The P.E.S. Power Box. It controls the low frequency electrical impulses being delivered to the body via the Electrode(s). Some use Made-For-Play boxes, TENS units, and other NMES-style units.

    The P.E.S. Power Box is an example of a box specifically made to use for sexual electro stimulation play. It is not a relabeled TENS, EMS, or other NMES type device that has been repurposed.
    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.
    Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.

    This is the device through which the Erotic Electro Stimulation is delivered to the body. They are typically comprised of conductive and non-conductive areas out of various materials. These come in single, double, triple, or quadruple pole versions.

    An Electrode with only one connection point and one continuous conductive surface. This device must have another Electrode used with it to complete the circuit. It will not work if connected all by itself. (Exception to this rule is if it is used in a Three-Electrode Configuration on a P.E.S. Power Box.) Also known as Uni-Polar.
    An Electrode with two connection points and two separate conductive surfaces encapsulated within the same Electrode. This device can be used by itself as it can complete its own circuit. This device can also be used as a single pole Electrode when only one of its connection points is used. Also known as Bi-Polar.
    An Electrode with three connection points and three separate conductive surfaces encapsulated within the same Electrode. This device can be used by itself (on a P.E.S. Power Box) as it can complete its own circuit. It can also be used as a single- or double-pole Electrode depending on how many of its Connection Points are used. Also known as Tri Polar.
    An Electrode with four connection points and four separate conductive surfaces encapsulated within the same Electrode. This device can be used by itself as it can complete its own circuit. It can also be used as a single-, double-, or triple-pole Electrode depending on how many of its Connection Points are used. Also known as Quad Polar.

    This is a combination of what electrodes are being used and their placement on the body for maximum efficacy.

    This is one of the most basic placements. You need a double pole (bi-polar) Electrode to create this placement. Because these Electrodes can be used singly; you will not need a second Electrode to complete the circuit.
    This allows you to spread your stimulation between two separate areas of the anatomy. To create this configuration you can use either two single pole (uni-polar) Electrodes, two double pole (bi-polar) Electrodes used as single pole Electrodes, or a single pole Electrode with a double pole Electrode being used as a single pole Electrode.
    With a P.E.S. Power Box, this is your most versatile Configuration. To create this Configuration, you can use three single pole Electrodes or a double pole Electrode with a single pole Electrode. This configuration can be comprised of any combination of Electrodes, either double or single pole.
    Just keep in mind these basic rules of thumb:
    a) you must have a complete circuit on either Channel A or Channel B for the incomplete circuit on the remaining channel to work;
    b) you typically want your complete circuit to run between the two Electrodes furthest apart with the middle Electrode on the incomplete circuit;
    c) finally, a true Three-Electrode Configuration is always made using THREE of your four Connections.This Configuration allows you to play with the sensations in an additional manner. After you have found the settings on your P.E.S. Power Box most pleasing to you, you can use the Power Interrupt for Channel A and Channel B to alter the flow of the stimulation between the two Channels. This configuration may only be possible with a P.E.S. Power Box.

    You use all four connection points. Typically comprised of two double pole Electrodes, four single pole Electrodes, or a combination of single and double pole Electrodes. Sometimes this is not the most effective configuration as it can spread your stimulation over too wide an area thus reducing the intensity of your sensations.

    These are the wires that connect your Electrodes in circuit and plug into your generating source. With the P.E.S. Product line, this is the Low Profile Lead.
    This is the end of your lead that attaches to the Electrode. There are two on each pair of Leads. Both of them need to be connected in order to create a complete circuit.
    The point on the Electrode where the Leads are attached. There are either one, two, or four of these on an Electrode, depending on whether it is single, double, triple or quadruple pole.
    This is the use of low frequency electrical impulses from a generating source delivered to an electrode or electrodes to enhance an individual's natural sexual response. It is also referred to as estim, electro sex, electro stim, electrical stimulation, or EES.
    An important part of successful Erotic Electro Stimulation is CONTACT. In regards to all electrodes, whenever a space is created between the electrode and the contact area (skin or muscle tissue), electricity will arc over that space. This creates a slight "zapping" sensation that can be uncomfortable, and very undesirable for some users.
    Occasionally, you will read cautions about how to prevent "Hot Spots". These unpleasant sensations are caused by too little lubrication, unshaven pubic hairs, contact with metal (such as jewelry), or by not achieving full contact between the electrode and the skin. "Hot Spots" may not occur under all of these conditions for everyone. If you experience a "Hot Spot", read your directions pertaining to the electrode in use, and the problem should easily be made clear, and solved with one or two simple corrections in use.
  • HFO
    This is the abbreviation for Hands-Free Orgasm, which is an orgasm where no physical contact from your hands or someone else's hands is needed with the genitals in order to achieve climax. With electro stimulation, it is an orgasm achieved by electrode placement combined with the settings of your generating source and no manual or oral manipulation of the genitals.