General Information

When reading through various descriptions of our products, it helps to have a little background knowledge of how Erotic Electro Stimulation works. Besides principles behind the theory of this type of stimulation, it is important to remember that these products do utilize electricity. Therefore, there are safety warnings, specific cautions, and ground rules for how electricity is conducted and should be used. Please read the following paragraphs carefully, and above all, BE SAFE.

Please note that all Electrodes require one of the P.E.S. Power Boxes in order to function. The Electrodes are all sold separately from the P.E.S. Power Boxes and P.E.S. Low Profile Leads. Also, all single pole Electrodes require a second Electrode in order to function. It can be either another single pole Electrode or a double pole Electrode. Please keep this in mind when placing your orders.

P.E.S. products are not designed or intended to cause any pain or discomfort. Erotic Electro Stimulation should be a pleasurable experience. A great way to ensure proper use is to follow measurement and placement instructions implicitly, and by always asking questions if you feel unsure.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can be contacted to assist with any further questions you may have.

Full Contact:
An important part of successful Erotic Electro Stimulation is CONTACT. In regards to all electrodes, whenever a space is created between the electrode and the contact area (skin or muscle tissue), electricity will arc over that space. This creates a slight "zapping" sensation that can be uncomfortable, and very undesirable for some users.

Hot Spots:
Occasionally, you will read cautions about how to prevent "Hot Spots". These unpleasant sensations are caused by too little lubrication, unshaved pubic hairs, contact with metal (such as jewelry), or by not achieving full contact between the electrode and the skin. "Hot Spots" may not occur under all of these conditions for everyone. If you experience a "Hot Spot", read your directions pertaining to the electrode in use, and the problem should easily be made clear, and solved with one or two simple corrections in use.

Single Pole vs. Double Pole Electrodes:
In order to generate an electric current through any material, two poles (positive and negative) are required to be connected to complete a full circuit. A single pole Electrode only has one conductive surface on it. A double pole Electrode has two conductive pads encapsulated in one Electrode.

Therefore, any single pole P.E.S. Electrode must be used in conjunction with another P.E.S. Electrode to function properly. P.E.S. Single Pole Electrodes include: The Scrotum Electrode, The Testicle Tubular, The Corona Stimulators, Electro Flex™ Penile Rings, The Tubular Base & Mid Rings, The Prostate Stimulator, The Sparklers, Electro Flex™ Anal Plugs, The Anal Tubular, and The Rectal Pacifier.

Any double pole P.E.S. Electrode will work alone with one of the P.E.S. Power Boxes. Connecting only one of its two posts to complete a circuit with another single pole or double pole Electrode is a great way to expand your options, making these Electrodes extremely versatile in the search for your favorite configuration. P.E.S. double pole Electrodes include: The Electro-Flex™ Vaginal Plug, The Vaginal Shield, The Acrylic Anal Plugs, Electro Flex™ Penile Rings, The Deep Throats, and Electro Flex™ Anal Plugs. The Samurai and The Little Big Man are both double pole Electrodes as well, but they cannot be used as single pole Electrodes because they are hard-wired as double pole.

Stanley and Stanley Junior are the first quad pole Electrodes we have ever offered. Meaning that they have four contact pads encapsualted on one Electrode. Stanley or Stanley Junior can be used alone or as part of another circuit.