Which Box Will You Start Your ElectroSex Experience With?

Render of the Original PES Power Box

While these two units may seem similar, they each have their benefits.

The Original PES Power Box features has two non-isolated channels. This unit, because of its non-isolated channels, allows for one of the most popular configurations: the 3-Electrode Configuration. This means that you are able to connect 3 contact points (which could mean 3 single pole electrodes) and feel sensation on all 3 electrodes. It allows you to connect a Corona Stimulator in circuit on your black and red leads with the Prostate Stimulator and then connect the green lead on the other pair to the Tubular Base Ring; leaving the yellow lead unconnected; and you will feel the delivery on all 3 areas. This is especially beneficial to men when they are working on hands-free ejaculation.

This unit also allows for a little more specialized fine tuning of both the Intensity via the Fine Control Knob as well as of the Frequency via the Fine Frequency Dial on the right side of the box. It also allows you to play with your on/off via the red Power Interrupt buttons on each channel. These can be especially fun to play with while playing with a 3-Electrode Configuration.

The Original P.E.S. Power Box has a slightly more powerful transformer inside. This allows for the use of up to 4 single pole electrodes; or 2 double pole electrodes; concurrently by providing a bit more power for the effective delivery of the stimulation to the electrodes.It starts with the Coarse & Fine Knobs turned to '1' and the Pulse & Frequency turned to '10'. This means you always want to start off with the top two knobs turned to the far left and the bottom two knobs turned to the far right. Why do we mention this? You'll understand shortly.

Approximation of the NEW P.E.S. Power Box XSThe NEW P.E.S. Power Box XS is intended to be eXtra Simple to use in addition to being a single channel unit. A single Channel version of the Original, this new unit allows for a bit easier introduction to electro stimulation by reducing the learning curve. This box can only be connected to two single pole electrodes or one double pole electrode at a time.

We simplified the controls by combining the Coarse and Fine Knob into one Intensity Knob as well as combining the Frequency Knob with the Fine Frequency Dial into one Frequency Knob. These single knobs delivery similar sensation with less confusion. Also, in a change from the Original Box, all three knobs are designed to begin your session turned to the far left. This is why we discussed the knob starting position earlier. On the XS Box, you start all of them in the same direction and adjust from left to right. The Intensity starts low and goes higher; while the Frequency starts smooth and can be ajusted to get rougher; and the Pulse goes from constant on to a slower and slower on/off rate; as you turn the knob to the right.

The XS Box, while not weak, does use a smaller transformer than the Original Box. For those who definitely want more power, the Original Box may be a better choice, but remember, the XS is only a single channel unit and so may not require the same amount of power as the Original Box. The transformer inside the box is the same as what we used in a recent generation of the Original Box.

A HUGE bonus to the NEW XS Box is price point. This is a great deal if you are looking at one of the quad pole Electrodes because it allows you to order two Power Boxes for a reasonable price thus allowing you to create two isolated circuits on those electrodes.

Where you start is up to you. The New P.E.S. Power Box XS offers simplicity, effectiveness, and a great opening price for beginners (or even those looking to expand their collection). While the Original P.E.S. Power Box offers you an even wider range of control, more power, and more configuration possibilities.

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