What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are a Frequent Buyer reward for customers who have a registered account for the P.E.S. Shopping Cart and login to make purchases vs checking out as a 'guest'.

Reward Points can only be earned through purchases made by customers who use a registered account. When you are logged into the shopping cart, you can view your Reward Points history in the 'My Account' area.

To redeem 'Reward Points', you will need to first click on one of the 'View Cart' options after you've chosen all the items you wish to order. When you click on 'View Cart', you will see your actual Shopping Cart.

This is the page on which you can enter a 'Coupon Code', a 'Gift Voucher' (Gift Certificate if one has been purchased for you), 'Use Reward Points', or 'Estimate Shipping & Taxes'.

To redeem points, you will first need to click on the drop down arrow on the line marked 'Use Reward Points'. This line also tells you how many points you actually have available. This opens up a box where you will see how many points you can use on the order as well as where you will enter the number of points you wish to use.

Enter the amount you wish to use of the points you are allowed on the purchase and click on the 'Apply Points' button.

Then refresh your page to confirm the points were applied and to see your new totals.

  • The total number of points available to use on an order is based on 'Reward Point' value of the items in your cart. And it is not applicable to the shipping or taxes. It only applies to the 'subtotal'. You will still be responsible for shipping (and taxes, if they are applicable).

  • You can combine the use of Coupon Codes & Reward Points.

  • Reward Points can only be earned and used when purchasing product through the PESElectro.com website. You do not earn and cannot redeem points via 'in-store', phone, or mail order purchases.